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Default Re: Rule about Sex

Originally Posted by Z /\ ( |-|
No, this is supposed to be a forum about peuberty, and I think it's already out of hand. I don't go to that forum for the simple fact that if my parents ever saw any of the topics, I'd be screwed out of my mind.
why would they care?
and how would they see? i've been here for 2yrs VERY active for the majority of it
nobody here has ever seen VT

I dont go there simply cause i'm not 14 anymore

But I agree that it should be allowed for the simple reason that teens should be able to talk and ask questions freely about sex because its a HUGE part of puberty ang growing up ingeneral
And if you have a question
from what i've herd the majority of the members here have nowhere to ask it
nowhere to go period
which I dont agree with
There are allot of people that post questions about it anyway
members answer
no harm done
so why not just make it so the mods arent put between a rock and a hard place when they see those threads
of course i belive they should have full right to use there own disgression on it
but it shouldnt be an auto lock

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