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yo ekia its true
and max you believed i could change you knew
my lyrics suck but no one else is writing this shit
just try and be creative rhyme some shit with ........shit.
these things are a joke
its just a big hoax
my butthole is really big tho
and we can pour a whole bottle of champagne in there
i really do care
some one is always gonna think im an asshole
no matter where i go ill rap about a porsche or an orchestra
of dicks ,we got all kinds of sounds
to make the vt netwrok go down
ohhh fuckin rebel shit huh

thats what i make rebel music
for those mexicans who bump tunes with hella treble
dude sick
oh shit im having fun
just belive its true and ill be done
the sarcastic cynic is signing off ass a failure
that how i see myself to make YOU feel better pure
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