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Default Re: Post of the Year Awards

Currently, we have 88,267 posts. These forums have gone for about 2 and a half years. I'm estimating that the posts that have been pruned and ones in diaries that have been pruned total to be at least 2,000. So now, let's divide 9,000 by 2.5. That's 3,600. So on average, we have at least 3,600 posts every year. I do think a single best post out of that number could really be determined. And besides that, the posts that were made at the beginning of the year don't have a chance to be remembered or even found. I don't really think it would be so great. Maybe if we were much more organized and if we had some forum dedicated to thread content and rating... Though right now, it's a good idea, but we wouldn't be able to pull it off quite the way it's intended. Although, on a final note, that might destroy someone's esteem if they fought so hard to win, but lost. We try to include everyone as one community, ya know?

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