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Originally Posted by Kiros72
To be honest, I don't think we should change it. For one reason, we have a puberty forum, but puberty and such questions are not what this board was made for. I don't even think teens should be having sex, or at least no where near what it has come to. Why advocate it? Though if I remember correctly, someone recently said "change is bad." Going on that alone, we shouldn't change it, but it's clear that statement was an opinion...

Though we allow quite a lot of what I believe we shouldn't for a teen site. I mean, would you honestly feel comfortable explaining to your guardians what goes on in the puberty forum alone? I think it would be fine talking about any other forum... Eh... Just a point of view I suppose.
Yea you might think that Teens shouldn't be having sex but guess what they are? and we just have to accept that...and how is giving advice on sex advocating it? That's like saying giving out condoms is promoting people to have sex, which isn't the case, we shouldn't just turn away people because they decided to have sex, we should help them and offer any advice possible.

Kiros, People come here to share their personal thoughts, thoughts that they cannot dare say infront of their parents or guardians, that is why we are here, and we are a community to help people in need.

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