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oh nice creative writing WESTSIDE THUG LIFE HA why you always tryin to fight me max doin the boogy......

everbody look im max doin a boogie
i watch hecka telivizzle becuase i like someone elses life
sorry were out of bullets to kill yourself
max listen to yourself
i need to know
keep your eye on the ball
sip lemonade in lawn chairs
im white and nearly 40 yall
im not laid
see the pattern or do you care
i saw you vato loco at the county fair
that hair net was fresh make me some pie bitch
what the fucks wrong in maxs head
oh yeah i forgot that drugs make brain cells dead
damn proved me wrong again
docters know everything
my beliefs are different like a pagan
i am the king alone of exotic sexy anything
invisible dancer
peace and love to the one DP
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