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Default Re: I dont know what i am sexualy

My mother has taken a class in phycoligy and when she asked me what was wrong today, i had to get it out and i showed her this post, she is the most understanding kind hearted person that i have ever met, she told me that all the feelings i have are normal, she even told me that she isnt really attracted to guys sexually as in if she were to see a naked man, she would not be turned on, and she has been married twice and had three children and is in love with her husband, she said just because i am not sexually attracted to girls doesnt mean i wont develop that later on anyway we talked foe about an hour and a half and i am not scared of who i will become, if i turn out to be gay or even >Bi< then that doesnt bother me now. I now realize that all along i have been scared because of simple close minded stereo types that eeryone thinks that a man or a woman should fit into, and i despise stereo types because i am stereotyped as a "Goth" because i like to wer black clothing, and i am looked down upon by the popular, social people. Thank you guys so very much my head actually feels clear for one time and i feel like such a better person, you guys changed my life within a couple of days, bravo, you guys are good . Again thank you, if i ever have anymore problems later on expect me to be back here in this forum.

By the way furry is art drawn by people of anthromorpic(animals/mythical creatures with human like characteristics) creatures, this all started when i read a gay love story between two male elites from a game on xbox called Halo, elites are a type of alien that i am sexually attracted to. The furry i like is more called scaley because i like dragons and other reptilians but i am still caled a furry because mostly those within the furry community call it scaley.

Anyway thank you guys very much you help people and i think it is amazing what you guys do here, good job -.o i am still not sure about myself completly but like on of you said only time will tell. Goodbye people
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