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Originally Posted by MEM1990
Lets see:
Sexual Intercourse:
A. Lesbian: Sometimes
B. Gay: No
C. Hetero: Yes
D. Bi: No

Male Masturbation: Yes
Female Masturbation: Yes
a. Gay: No
b. Hetero: Yes

Furry: Yes
a. Gay: Yes
b. Hetero: Yes
c. Bi: Yes

Anal: Yuck
a. Male: No
b. Female: No

What do you guys think i might turn out to be later on by my likes and dislikes
I need to know as a straight forward answer, will i be gay or by? Yes? or No?
Again it is spelled b and i bi And, I'm still not sure what you mean. What is 'furry'?
I can still tell that you are not gay. If you like to watch the mans genitalia during porn, but do not like men in real life, then that means you won't turn out gay, because sexual preference is outside of the monitor!

Originally Posted by .hack//zero
Then, I'm not gay. Since I like girl bodys. Okay, that sound wrong, but hopefully you get what I mean.
That isn't just it though, but to have a strong relationship one must enjoy sex, right? That's why I think you should first be attracted to the gender, in order to understand what your preference is.

...of course, everybody, you might turn out to be gay bi or straight, because you might not be developed enough sexually and emotionally to really understand. Maybe you don't know you like guys, or haven't realised it yet. That's why, you should NOT worry about it. This will solve the biggest problem
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