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Default Re: I dont know what i am sexualy

Originally Posted by Apocalyptic_Storm
Then you're not turned on by men. To fully be gay, you must love a man, and love a mans body in my opinion. The first sign of being gay (again in my opinion), is at teenager years. Not being strongly attracted to a womans body but a mans.

In fact, all my life I've found men and boys more 'intresting' than girls ever were. All girls were always my friends, never my girlfriends. However, I have had one or two crushes on my teachers (women). But, I turned out gay, and I really enjoy being gay. The one time you can accept yourself, is the time that you will find happyness.
Then, I'm not gay. Since I like girl bodys. Okay, that sound wrong, but hopefully you get what I mean.

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