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Default Re: What the hell happened?

Ya, I know. The problem is my head can like program itself. So it always whispers "I miss Chatham" or "I love Chatham". Or the freakiest is one night I was sleeping and I had this wierd dream. I was just this disembodied kind of presence that was drifting through the fog. The ocean was at a calm beneathe me. I floated forward and an island appeared out of the fog. It had a small tree and a rock. Upon the rock sat a small blonde haired girl. She was the picture of innocense. She looked at me (or the not me anyways) and asked "Where is she? Where's Chatham?" She said it a few more times. The she started crying. Only the tears were blood. Then the blood turned black, and her skin turned light grey, and her hair jet black. She looked up at me distressed and still crying. She starting shrieking out "Where's Chatham?" faster and faster in this shrill voice. It's unbearable to even think about. It's so hard to erase people from memory. ButI ain't fighting the future.
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