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Originally Posted by jjmcray View Post
Anyone know how to hack in to a Linux machine? Not for illegal purposes... I just have another machine running Linux next to this one and I'd just like to test it out and stuff.
Hack as "circumvent protection" ? If not for illegal purposes, you may want to try security scanners like nmap, that are great tools to test your systems security, being linux or otherwise. Another nice tool to test the security of your systems is Nessus. It is a popular security scanner.

Apart from that, breaking security of a Linux system is no different than breaking security of any other operating system: exploit buffer overflows, lost pointers, software bugs, etc. This is something that requires intimate knowledge of the inner working of the system, and requires a lot of technical skills to succeed.

If you plan on hardening your Linux system, again, standard rules apply: set up regular security audits through security scanners, use hardening tools like Bastille Linux, keep access rights under control (SELinux is a must for servers), don't run services you don't need, use automated auditing of your log files (for example with Tiger), have good firewall rules that open only ports needed, etc.
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