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Default Re: I dont know what i am sexualy

Originally Posted by Apocalyptic_Storm
Are you aroused by the mans genitals, but do not want to have sex with a man? I'm gay. I would NEVER want to have sex with a woman. But, I did happen to turn to a free porn channel, and I saw some lesbian porn. I get sexually aroused by lesbian porn. But, I do NOT want to have sex with a woman. People get aroused by just sex. It's something that's proggramed into our minds, either sexual preference. So, you SHOULD NOT worry this much, just do something to change the mood. Go outside! Do something nice! Ice cream, just do something to calm down. As always, I am avalible to talk to, even if we don't come across the subject of gay issues.
What signs should we look for something like this? If you said that being gay isn't something that you can become, and it's just something that you are. So, what would you say about someone that's liked girls since 1st grade, and having sex with girls sounds like fun. I'm starting to ramble now I guess. Shouldn't be as simple as something like this? This is as it applys to me.

Sex with girls sounds like fun to me.
Sex with men doesn't.

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