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Default Re: Flash backs to the violence

Originally Posted by *}Whisper{*'d do good in the marines or navy seals

Personally I've never laid a hand on a friend
the most i've ever done is rough housing

I've had the crap beatten outta me allot though...

Now it sounds like you grew up in a very rough area
naturally you adapted to survive
you made mistakes
but i bet theres allot of stories you havent told us where your the one being attacked by someone allot bigger

-thinks of something poetic and meaningful to say-.......Lifes a bitch

Now you can't change the past
shit happens
you can only learn from your mistakes
and strive for a better future

I know your not a bad guy
I can tell because your showing signs of remorse and guilt
now in the end
you got lucky
everyone was okay

that being said
I would be mindful of my anger in the future if I was you
That dosent mean bottling it up
rather pick a safe and constructive area to vent
weither its some kind of sport like football, boxing, martial arts w/e

Thank you. That means alot to me. It's actually odd you mention the military, because besides music and all other artforms, it's my favorite hobby in a sense. I come from a family of soldiers. My dad had served in the navy, police, and army reserve in that order. I have full sets of camo, I play airsoft, I have alot of stuff like dead grenades, and so on. Kind off topic but, again thanks.
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