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Default Re: Flash backs to the violence'd do good in the marines or navy seals

Personally I've never laid a hand on a friend
the most i've ever done is rough housing

I've had the crap beatten outta me allot though...

Now it sounds like you grew up in a very rough area
naturally you adapted to survive
you made mistakes
but i bet theres allot of stories you havent told us where your the one being attacked by someone allot bigger

-thinks of something poetic and meaningful to say-.......Lifes a bitch

Now you can't change the past
shit happens
you can only learn from your mistakes
and strive for a better future

I know your not a bad guy
I can tell because your showing signs of remorse and guilt
now in the end
you got lucky
everyone was okay

that being said
I would be mindful of my anger in the future if I was you
That dosent mean bottling it up
rather pick a safe and constructive area to vent
weither its some kind of sport like football, boxing, martial arts or running really fast till all your muscles just burn (i used to do that allot)
pick something that intrests you



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