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Default Re: I dont know what i am sexualy

its not that i am curious but i watch porn and i get off to the male mostly and it scares me because i do not want to be gay and would deny it till the day that i die, ive always had low self esteem and i think this is why... i just dont know what to think of my self i feel sick to my stomach and extremely depressed i wish i could lay down and fall asleep for a week straight i dont want to be in this world with all these emotions its to much. Lets say i turn out gay... i would not be able to be emotional with another guy i just cant its to weird so i would be alone for my whole life. I think i am just sick in the head, because the thing that i am most ashamed about is that i like beastiality which when i think about is kinda gross but when i see it well thats another story. I dont get it why is it that if i hate/dislike something my sexual drive says other?!?!?! Is there anything that i could take to kinda steer my mind into liking girls more i dont want to like guys later on, i know im not gay now but what about a year from now, i could be completly gay as of right now i dont think i have a sexual orientation because i am not interested in dating either sex/having sexual contact.

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