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Exclamation I dont know what i am sexualy

I need help very badly i am scared of turning out homosexual. The things that i look at on the internet arent exactly people tho, i like gay furry porn, and i just figured it out, i hav ben denying it for so long, since i was about 12 and i saw some on the internet that my friend showed me, but even if i do look at that stuff and i do fantisize about having sexual contact and love with antromorphic creatures that are male then does that make me gay? I mean i would never have sex with a guy in real life because it would just be weird, maybe a blowjob i would take but that would still be weird, when i masturbate i do not watch gay porno because it is gross to me(sorry if i offend:/), but i watch a guy and a girl but i find myself looking that the males genitalia more than the womans, but i do not find mens bodys "hot" or "attractive" sexualy but with yiff(furry porn) i find the males muscles/tone bodys attractive, in RL i find women attractive but not really sexual just a kinda thing were i say wow she is sexy/hot and would choose a woman to be in a relationship with but not a guy.

I really need to figure myself out and i am soo scared right now, i am shaking all over, my whole body feels weird(which started when i read a gay sexual story about furries 2 days ago), i am having cold sweats and this is the most nervous that i have ever been in my entire life, i cried my self to sleep last night while asking "why why why?" i can barley type this because my hands are shaking and i do not want to be a homosexual or bysexual i would be rejected no matter where i went and i dont like gay people you know with the lisps and all, my family would reject me and look at me weird(mentally). I am hoping that this is just a fetish, i would like someone to know what they think i should do or what they think of me or just give advice, thank you.

P.S. I know that i am not old enough to look at pornography, but then again what 16 year old with internet in their room doesnt watch it?
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