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Originally Posted by Deadly-Dreamer-X View Post
What I meant is that, there are people who often associate Terrorism to Islam because Islam teaches(they think like that)hatred, misogyny and bigotry.

Oh, and a lot often they are Christians that do this. The negative depiction, newspaper; they were all Christians. Strike ------------
The Ku Klux Klan would be considered a Christian group of terrorism in my opinion. Army Of God would go a little far with trying to stop abortion (People like Scott Reoder who shot a physician trying to do his job).

Lord's Resistance Army is a terrorist group still active and has been involved in taking hostages and murder.

There's many groups like this but I only know about seven or eight of the large ones.

People killing in the name of God.

So before people go all batshit insane over a couple islamic terrorists, look at other religions too.

As to say, look at the Anti Abortion Violence that has been going on to this date. Mainly all Christians. When I look at that, I come to think that the progress of this planet is spiraling down in a very fast pace.

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