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my gf has asked for sex many different times. I made her promise that we would weight till later b/c you never know what can happen in one month let alone two years when it would even be possible for use to get marred. But she agreed to that don't want to fuck up hour lives over a stupid mistake. But any way she has been sheltered all her life and knows nothing about sex and what you do or how a girl get and so on but she started asking me what a guy dose and so on. I told het but did not show her. She just got her comp back three days ago and I sent her a link to wikipedia and it tells every thing about sex and so on. But it has some pics of different things. But she also asked for a video if I could find one so she can see how you do "it". I agreed to find one for her and sent her a link. Well she kept asking questions and I had to look up some of it but her dad looked on her comp. he got smart and found the history and etc. now I don’t know what to do her dad will not allow me to go over there now and may be pressing charges. I have tried to talk to him but he will not talk to me till his wife gests back into town. That will be Friday at 5pm so in two days on Saturday I am thinking of going to try to talk to them.
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