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Originally Posted by rong626
What really makes a man,A MAN?

-6 pack ABS?
-long penis?-
-good in bed?
-doesnt masturbate?
-Not afraid of anything?
-Will protect his GF or wife?-
-Dun have fantasy about men?
Umm, heh this has NOTHING to do with puberty! Just because it's about men, and long penises, doesn't mean that it's puberty related {REQUEST MOVE TO THE COFFEE SHOP}

6 pack ABS? I don't like six pack abs, that doesn't make a man
-long penis?- I would perfer...gah what? that doesn't make a man
-charming? Eh, everybody has their own charm.
-rich? Men O_o what's this whole thing about? Nothing here makes a man! I don't think he should be rich.
-good in bed? I would definatly want O_O
-doesnt masturbate? Masturbate your heart out baby! This makes a man!!
-Not afraid of anything?
-Will protect his GF or wife?- What about anybody else?
-Dun have fantasy about men? this the wrong survey for me?
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