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Default Re: Suicidal thoughts

Haijiku, I'm quite puzzled on where you are coming from. You have asked for help on this forum, and yet you don't want to even attempt to try to take any advice or try to hear any of us out. You are saying that inorder to become "unsuicidial", you have to completely change your lifestyle. Why do you have to get rid of all of your friends? I don't understand that, I also thought you said that no one on the Earth loves or cares about you? If that were the case you'd have no one in the world to turn to, but if these are just exploition friends and just make the situation worse, ditch them, but if not, seek their advice. If you didn't wnat to listen to us, why did you make a topic about it? Suicide and depression isn't a joke, it's not a way you should be trying to obtain attention from others, it's a serious issue. As Parasite said in this previous post, you control your life. There are sometimes that might however be unchangeable, but you are able to control your furture. Wheither you like the phrase or not, it's true. "You have a life ahead of you". Why give up life now? Yes, it's difficult, but it's not all over.
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