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Default Re: Suicidal thoughts

What if you are an emo kid craving attention?
You already said you were going to do it and it's pretty obvious that you need attention. No one can help you, but yourself. Sure, I can give you a nice comment. It will make you feel a lot better for 10 minutes and you will crash down even harder next time.
I would help you, but I truly don't think you are suicidal.
The week before I attempted suicide,
I couldn't get out of bed, nor could I force myself to get a username to a forum and write explicit posts on "suicide" and "severe depression".
The fact is, thousands millions of teens in the world feel the way you feel right now.
Your attempts to "flame me" or lower my self esteem in any way have failed.
Stop doing what ever you are doing ( I know, easier said than done!)
And get your life in control.
You control your outcome in life.
Not your father,
your razor,
or your converse shoes,
or even the people that want you to fail.
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