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Default Re: Suicidal thoughts

Well, how the hell you guys feel you obliged to "save" my life is beyond me but.
Thanks for your support and all those other things, changing my ways would mean for me to:
Stop being on the computer and devote my life to being my families, Bitch/and or Slave.
Do any, and all work in school and go insane.
Give up all of my friends I have made over the..6 years I've had a computer w/internet.
Get off the Drugs, Oxycontin, and Pot
Stop being the little meniacal bastard I am and stop having sudden urges to steal my parrents credit card and spending money on nothing.
Stop playing the game I have been playing for the passed 4 years, Darkages.
I Really, really hate how everyone says "You have a life ahead of you" Bullshit the way im going or "was" going i would have had a world of Jumps on the street, and getting my ass kicked by my dad. I would basically be in a living hell with the benefit of food, and a place to stay untill im 16-18ish then im out of the house on my own and back to the drugs.
So tell me right now, why I shouldnt Just give it all up. Tell me why I shouldnt open this bottle and take everysingle one of these pills. Tell me why I should stop slitting my wrists and cutting my arms. Tell me why I should care what you say?
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