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Default does any one actually l,isten to rap music

any of yall flows to the what hiphop is.......peep the fresh rhymes my favorite fruits are clemintines ill take those pearls off your girlfriends neck and feed her to my favorite animals, lagers, what the heck. punk rock gaggers hiphop and punk rock were in the cradle together. i molested them simultaneous with a soup ladle with no one contested. lay my girl down sexy lover my dame on my bed her pms flows better then i what.
i know the streets like a lager is a real animal
it across between a tiger and a lion i hate your sandal
yo i voted for pedro and now he is my harelipped neices namesake i love to burn designer shoes by the stake
her momma be my main hoochie doobie roller
i felt her koochie clued me in holler
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