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Originally Posted by PrinceOfMadness View Post
Lol, you are not a Muslim yet you think you know better than me. Muhammed never had slaves or concubines ,he didn't even wanted people to stand up when he entered the room or something.
First muslims were slaves for your informaiton.
Next time don't research from
You don't need to be a Mathematician to know about 2+2. And yes, I know about Islam very well more than any other religion.

First muslims weren't slaves. They were Muhammad's early wife, Cousin, Uncle and Best Friend.

No, I never went to that site, that site is banned by my ISP.

And yes, Muhammad had slaves and concubines. Maybe he didn't want people to stand up when he entered the room or something, but that does not change the fact that he did not banned Slavery.

If he did, then can you please link me some articles which says that Prophet Muhammad(Peace and blessing be upon him) Banned Slavery.
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