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Originally Posted by PrinceOfMadness View Post
Word "Islam" means "Peace" and "Surrendering yourself to One Deity" or something.
Islam does not means "Peace", it means "Surrendering oneself to anyone".

Originally Posted by PrinceOfMadness View Post
And people calling Muslims terrorists.
In turkey, there are no suicide bombers in fact, we fight with Terrorist Kurds so you people don't try to call Islam "Terrorism". it's Arabs who are bombers lol.
Unfortunately, there are people still call Muslims as Terrorist

One thing: Kurds are not Terrorist. Kurds are fighting for independence.

You think the one who blow himself in an Iranian Mosque was a terrorist? Maybe, but they are fighting for Liberation.

Originally Posted by PrinceOfMadness View Post
I usually search for religion stuff on net and Christians who read Kur'an-ı Kerim (Qor'an) understand that people who act us bad are wrong.
That's funny. Whenever I google "Islam", I get Prophetofdoom(Which is full of bullshit), answering-Islam, ThereligionofPeace, faithfreedom and etc.

Originally Posted by PrinceOfMadness View Post
There was an article about Prophets and it said "Whenever prophets came to earth, scientific development dropped on zero."
What are your opinions about general Religions? Science or Religion?
Even if Mohammad was a plagiarist, I think he was the smartest of the bunch as he inserted some scientific stuff in Qu'ran(Which they call it as Miracle of Qu'ran), which are true, but some pompous idiots say that they have 'debunked' those "miracles".
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