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Well Islam...
I don't know where to start. Sometimes religion feels stupid for me because I believe in Supreme Force of Science and Nature. When there was an absurd thing in nature, they said "That is will of God." Most of Scientific inventions were banned by chuch. Anyway.
Word "Islam" means "Peace" and "Surrendering yourself to One Deity" or something.
According to Islam, Christianity was modified ( What we know is pork and wine was still banned in Christianity but Romans were so fond of them so they changed it ) and there are so many books people don't know which is true.
Religion wars are so stupid. And people calling Muslims terrorists.
In turkey, there are no suicide bombers in fact, we fight with Terrorist Kurds so you people don't try to call Islam "Terrorism". it's Arabs who are bombers lol.
I usually search for religion stuff on net and Christians who read Kur'an-ı Kerim (Qor'an) understand that people who act us bad are wrong.
Anywya I am not a priest but people, IMO, religion is only individual. It only helps yourslef, but it stages war between nations. How many lives were lost because of some religion fight?
There was an article about Prophets and it said "Whenever prophets came to earth, scientific development dropped on zero."
What are your opinions about general Religions? Science or Religion?

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