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Default Re: Add a new rule? We shouldn't have to...

O.o Ok, a moderator looks after the forum, a specific forum or set of forums, and it's their job to look over that forum. They made a rule (which isn't listed) to not post in topics more than 2 months old. If a moderator says that you can not post in topics more than 2 months old, you should listen to them, or the offences will be contantly recorded and result in a ban.

A Global Moderator (which has the power to ban, regular moderators can not) locks a topic that's 2 months old, it should set an example that old topics will get locked. A moderators job is to look over the forum, but it would be MUCH easier if the forum members didn't constantly make problems for them to solve. So, I belive that you should make things more easier on moderators. Does that make cense? If it doesn't to you, please tell me how it doesn't
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