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Default Re: Suicidal thoughts

Life is indeed difficult, trust me I know, but like everyone else said, I don't hate you. You have the potential to change, you are only 14 years old and you have a life ahead of you. Life has so many obsticales, it can almost render it unbearable, but there are so many great aspects to you have yet to fully embrace. Think about intimate love, friendship, education, money, traveling, there is so much to life that you have yet to understand to try to take in. Suicide will just take you away from it all and you will have died in vain. You have to try to change your ways, you family will always love you despite what you do, but in this instance, you are able to change yourself. Change yourself for the better and your family will realize that you are making an effort and they will "love" you again. Life is tough, keep going and make the best of it. Take it from someone that is at a roadblock in life...
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