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Default Re: The Brink of World War 3

Okay whats going on with India?
were getting along fine with them
the only area theres any problems is in the middle east
and thats mostly just Iran
Iraq dosent have any weapons of mass destruction
Afganistan is under allied control
The rest is just internal bickering typical of the middle east
North Korea is just a todler upset that its not getting attention

And to clear things up were not on the verge of world war 3
welcome to international politics its not getting worse your just old enough now that your paying attention and understanding
you think everything was all calm in the 90s when the USSR collapsed
or during desert storm?
the cold war?

We are NOT on the verge of another world war


Millitary experiments in

Were injecting money into our millitary to make it easier for us to deliver international aid
and to make our pressence known in the Northwest Passage

Defencing our boarders
and increasing our ability to aid

Were Peacekeepers
One C-17 will be able to deploy the ENTIRE DART team anywhere in the world in a moments notice
Huge supplys of food and medical supplys can be airlifted without us renting off the Russians etc....
And we might maybe be able to pull our own weight in NATO in the next few DECADES
big whoop
that dosent mean were getting ready for a war


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