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Default Re: The Brink of World War 3

1 USA and all its pretty allies will eliminate Iran

2 N Korea shall misteriously lose its nuclear capabilities

3 Israel takes over Lebanon with the claim that it needs to be aided by the Israelian government

4 Israel begins plans for attacking Syria

5 China declares war on Taiwan
5 Taiwan unites with China
5 After that china uses its new massive navy to destroy Japan
Or if China and Taiwan dont ally
5 China will have a naval war with Taiwan costing China most of its Navy eventualy China will win

6 Russia shall write pacts with China and close the gas going into Europe

7 USA Warns Russia about this and does nothing

8 More militant groups are formed in Africa and huge wars begin

9 The French, Spanish, British, USA Send their forces into Africa and take it over

10 Russia invades Finland

11 The UN does nothing

12 Norway begins heavy military devolepment to protect itself from Russia

13 An economic crisis hits most of Asia

14 India creates a land force of 20 million men

15 China increases its airforce

16 USA funds the military with 400 billion dollars

17 Cuba invades Jamaica

18 Brazil responds to Cubas agression by sending its military to Cuba..
Cuba is not very happy..

19 USA Invades South America

20 Russia invades the Baltic Countries again the UN does nothing

21 Canada begins military research and weird expieriments in Greenland

22 Germany decides that Austria should be a part of Germany
The Austrian government refuses
2 Days later the entire Austrian government is slaughterd

I could go on with my theories but the fact is WW3 shall come one day but I don't think yet

The bigger countries will just have their will in destroying Iran and N Korea so only they could have nukes

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