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Default Re: Suicidal thoughts

Calm down mate. What on earth makes you think that the whole world hates you. I don't hate you. I'm pretty sure there's a hell of a lot more people who don't hate you out there. Just look how many people there are right here, right now, who want to help you. No matter how much it might seem your family hates you, I very much doubt they do. What is it that is so bad in your life right now, that couldn't be resolved, that would make you want to kill yourself. Go on, ask yourself, is it really worth losing out on something you can never ever regain? Like everyone has said, you're only 14. You've got a whole life ahead of you. A life that you could make something of, don't give up now?! Whatever it is that is so bad in your life, you have a lifetime to sort out, to turn around. Please reconsider, we would all hate to see you go...

And the sun sets in the sky
You're the apple of my eye
If the bomb goes off again
In my brain or on the train
I hope that I'm with you
'Cos I wouldn't know what to do
It means nothing
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