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Could I be gay?
Let me just start off saying that I don't have a problem with gay people or lesbians. I just don't wanna be gay, and I'm probably not. I just gotta make sure.

Signs that say I'm not gay:
I've liked 10+ girls in my life.
I think girls are hot.
I've never really found a guy that I thought was hot.
Thought of the way of gay guys having sex just sounds sick to me.
The normal way sounds like fun.
I haven't really like a girl since late 2004.
When I look at porn or hentai. It's only of girls playing with themself.
I like the way the pussy looks.

Signs saying I'm gay:
For a couple days, I thought I liked this guy. Even though he looked like a girl at that time.

Neutral signs:
I've never had a girlfriend.
I probably have OCD.

Sorry for reposting this here, but it's more active here. And I want more than one opinion.

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