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Default Re: What kind of voices do you hear?

Originally Posted by Rooster
I have my name called by this shrill and extremely cold feminine voice, and it also says that I'm worthless and stuff. So I mentally kill it (Invision it, and shoot it or burn it, etc.).
Lol... thats funny... how you kill it..
sometimes i hear voices... i always hear my name being called but oh well it ain't serious...i dont know... sometimes i think i experienced things in some time that never existited... who knows.. and alot of things feel as i knew somewhere... im very dreamy i guess.. maybe my dreams have a serious input on my life... i have bad anxiety and asthma like in the symptoms...
I either have serious mood swing disorders or I have multi personality disorders... I use to not be able to go to bed for seeing things.. I have frequent paralysis... i sufforcate in my sleep frequently i have dreams of dying and seeing white lights... i have asthma or anxiety attacks for depression...I'd like help if you guys can..AND also i always feel a presense around me.. might be my guardian angel.. i like my angel.. she always kicks spirits asses! right on!

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