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Default Re: i want to make a diary,

What diaries are for, is usually for a more broad subject. Like, how Donnie's is about dreams, Miguel is general convo's, Alex's is...well whatever Alex wants to put in it

It's a more general thing with your own idea on it.

IE, if you wanted to tell about a boy you liked, you could put that under Relationships (which is a General Discussions forum.)

For a member forum, you have to have a specific but broad idea.

Say I wanted a diary about....idk....movies.

Then, I would call it The cinema (as a title.)
Then, for a description, I would put something like 'All about movies and how they effect us.'

Just somthing general like that.

But if it's just about one personal thing, it goes somewhere in General Discussions or the Psych Ward.

If you want to start a member forum/diary just about crushes, then you would include a title (which of course you would pick) and then a short one or two line description.

If, at the moment, you need to post something about a relationship problem or a question, etc, go here.


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