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Originally Posted by Burning Star I View Post
The concept of god existing or not is not like the discovery of, for example, neutron stars. Since the '30's, astronomers speculated the existance of such stars but were unable to prove their existance until the '60's. Did this mean that until they were discovered, few believed they existed? Quite possibly. However, it's discovery is not similar to god because a neutron star is something that is a physical feature. It can be touched, measured, etc. (theoretically speaking, although you would be disintegrated by nearing one, but that's besides the point.) God, cannot. God is spirit, force, energy, being, that cannot be measured, touched, or believed from a crappy book written by hypocritical, delusional, power hungry, old men.

I don't see anything new in this old-hat post. Same ol' same.

Plus, when you say "There is no proofs of God; therefore, god does not exist" is invalid, as this is ad ignorantiam in its purest form.

It is valid in other cases, like in Science, law and the like.

This is from the vast libraries of the internet.

"At one time scientists concluded that DNA would not crystallize because after extensive testing, there was no proof that it would. This conclusion is not fallacious even though now it is known that DNA will crystallize"

Yes, I was revising the logical fallacies. And fallacy remains a fallacy, so you cannot really go "God does not exist because there is no proof of god's existence". Well, that doesn't change the fact that there is no God, because if you say "God do exist because no one has disproven god's existence", the same fallacy, you see.

Originally Posted by hatelovelive View Post
Do you even know what a troll is? I don't care, but only because you refuse to explain yourself when you point out 'fallacy' in my posts. Oh, and you can't use things like X with religion. Also, WTF is 'assertion fallacies'?

Erm, yes we do speak English. Oh, and if you are going to be picky and start pointing out things in my posts then you could explain them, instead of continually saying they are 'fallacious'

I don't need to point out, one can read out and find the fallacies by themselves.

Assertion fallacy, well...

If you say "GOD DOES NOT EXIST! WOOWHOO!" That's an assertion fallacy.

Yes, we can use X,Y, God, Jesus, Element, anything in debates.

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