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Originally Posted by deadpie View Post
And Christians believing in their religion based on "proof" makes God even less then nothing. Plus most people don't even follow 100 percent of their own faith, making them not entirely present to the religion they believe in. "Oh I don't believe in the anti-gay, god killing people in Jerusalem, and children murdered just because. I only believe in this part here!" It's like people are actually making a fool of themselves in this case.

You either believe in all of that religion to follow that religion (meaning you study and appreciate all parts of it) or you are NOT part of that religion.

Figure it out. Deal with it.
I can sum this whole thread up in a matter of words.

Religion is like Public Relations.
Crap. Built on Lies.

Originally Posted by Deadly-Dreamer-X View Post
- X has not not proven before; therefore, X is false. -
Well, using scientific logic and thinking, It is much more scientifically likely that since no god has been undoubtly proven, there is no god. This does not mean that there is indefinately no god, but until I see proof of a god, being a person, thing, force, whatever it may be, I have to believe that there is no god, from a purely unbiased 3rd person omniscient standpoint.

The concept of god existing or not is not like the discovery of, for example, neutron stars. Since the '30's, astronomers speculated the existance of such stars but were unable to prove their existance until the '60's. Did this mean that until they were discovered, few believed they existed? Quite possibly. However, it's discovery is not similar to god because a neutron star is something that is a physical feature. It can be touched, measured, etc. (theoretically speaking, although you would be disintegrated by nearing one, but that's besides the point.) God, cannot. God is spirit, force, energy, being, that cannot be measured, touched, or believed from a crappy book written by hypocritical, delusional, power hungry, old men.

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