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Default I've been having a problem with VT...

What happens is, if I open more than one window with VT, my connection doesn't work anymore. But that is only for VT O_o this makes it very hard to fully monitor the site, so I can reply to topics quicker and be in the chatroom while browsing the forums.

This happens with both Avant and Internet Explorer, and also happens on my moms computer. (My computer is a Windows XP and Mom's is a 98). However, this never happened on both computers in the last place we lived, but has contracted this problem every since the move-in. I don't know what's doing it, because we also installed the shoutbox while I was moving

Although, this would occasionally happen in the other place when the chatroom was installed. Gah, I just complained about something and now I can't even remember! I can't recall this happening much at the other place, if any. But it has definatly gotten worse here. I have to open a java-ran webpage to have multiple windows of VT open. I am talking about, and their forums. That's why I'm so active there-- because it lets me do what I want here.

So I'm wondering, is there a way to fix this or to find out more about it?
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