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Default Re: same sex unions, perspective

By redcar
i just dont accept polygamy because, i am going to get logical here, with marraige you give all your love to another person, would you agree? or that is how it is supposed to be i think. now when you have say three people in a relationship you can not give your whole love to both people you have to spilt it. now i feel in marriage you should give your whole unconditional love to the other person and that is just not possible with plolygamy.
redcar, it being not possible for Some one to give "all of their love", as you said, to their partners in a polygamist relationship is hardly a good reason for it not to be a possibility under the law. I know that there are marriges going on right now that have no love, and possibly "negative love" (hate), if you will.

Under your unreachable goal of "all your love" is laughable. If i got married and told the state that there was "no love at all, but alot of hate, in my marrige" would they have to end my marrige on the spot?
There is NO SUCH THING as "all of your love" I can love one thing as much as I possibly can and still somehow have love left over for other things. Love isn't a measureable thing that can be used up. Just because polygamy can't reach you unreachable ideals, doesn't mean that it shouldn't be allowed to happen.

and how can you say

(the question posed by diego
The point: If you are living in a free country, why not be able to marry as many people of whatever gender you want?? How will it hurt you?? think about that before you say your against it.
(the awnser form redcar, which was the next post after diego)
it wont hurt me, but as i say i have just been brought up believing that marraige is a sacred thing between two people, its just what i have been thought and its what i believe.
as you say "it wont hurt me" so why wouldn't you let it be legall? some how religion, which you for some reason don't use against semesex unions (even though it is clearly in the bible, if you want il get the verses) is part of your argument along with your belifs on the limit of ppls love.

SO far all of your agruments agains polygamy (excluding your "not enough love" thing) are the EXACT arguments that I personaly have seen other ppl use to say same sex unions shouldn't be a possiblity leagally.

i find is rather funny that some how "love" is to you a mesureable thing that can be "split", as you put it.

I would have writen this post with love and care but, unfortunatly for this board Im already using up ALL of my love on this delishiously, delectable, crisp, refreshing classic coke, o its just that good.

"All of your love", thats a good joke. why didn't i think of that?

seeing as how i live in america and we measure love in cupids,
Whats the measurement of love in Metric? maybe Eroses? (greek god of love) is it based on a 100 point scale? I hope so becasue the one we use here is so bloody confusing that I can hardly understand it. Have you taken that test online that tells you what your total capacity to love is? unfortunatley im only a 37 on the love scale so i can't marry any one, just don't got enough love i guess. Maybe you can awnser the age old question posed by the band the "black eye peas" i would apreciate it if you could tell me "where is the love?"
My math is a little rusty seeing as its summer and all.
How do you calculate the amound of total love in a family?
its something like the love of the mother and father squared times the average amount of shared love between the children and the parents (if no children count the love as "1". all of that divided by the # of total baby sitters used by the parents minus the number of times either of the spuses have cheated on each other. Thats sounds about right do you think?

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