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before you read the below sentences. you should think more less theory and more basic so your theorys and thoughts dont mangle with what you think im trying to say...its a matter of a thought of whats facts and leads to basic reality

im christian...i feel the mind really is sinful cause it always puts bad thoughts in it...i think we have a soul ...which is our good side... so it just kind of a balance of good and bad...

btw... sometimes we get to in depth with our thoughts... its all really correct when its basic... what do you see in the world... good and bad.. its just really if you decide if theres a individual good and bad side of you... for some of us who believe and like our good side (soul or what u want to call it) we look more into perspective...which really divided the theorys of a good religion.. we were all one theory or religion... our minds, thoughts, feelings divided and now we find ourselves lost... just try to get as original and basic as you can...

AND... if you study a bit of each all dates back to a big storm and huge waves and a really to support that we all were one religion ...we are now finding what could be the remains the ark of noah... if you watch national geographic you know what im talking about...

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