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Cool ergh new things happening...unsure

been a while since ive been here... 13 got pubes...but now get armpit hair... its a awesome feeling lol but ...theres bumps on my left armpit... i think those are zits...or pimples..they r pretty red... i got like 4-3 long black hairs or so...but my dad grew pubes at 14 he said...ive grown pubes at late 11.. hes said he got armpit hair at 15 ... i think i am at 13...hmm and also im 3/4 blind in my right eye so i cant really see my right armpit for hair... idk... i just found out i can cum lol i just got to put most of my hand in to it lol...err.... how long will it take for me to be somewhat sure i am growing armpit hair... and if i am ..when will my voice lower?

thanks for all the help and btw nice new forum design..

21/M/FL, and I'm Gay.
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