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Default Re: same sex unions, perspective

Originally Posted by Hyper
1 I have nothing against gays but I do think it is wrong.
other than a religious argumement do you have any other basis on why you think its wrong?

Originally Posted by Hyper
2 If gays would be given the right to marry and adopt what would logicly stop us from giving rights for 3 ppl to marry or pedofiles to marry little children?
ok there are two things i dislike about that statement. the first is that you think it is your right as a str8 person to give out rights to people, and secondly the fact that you dare use the word peadofile with gay. are you saying that i am like peadofile?

Originally Posted by Hyper
3 As I am religious I do have to bring out the religious aspect
i am religious myself, and i am of the belief that God created all of us. now God created us in His own image and without fault. now why would God make gay people just to be damned? it doesnt make sense, does it?

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