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Default Re: same sex unions, perspective

Originally Posted by cmpcmp
Do you find it sad that you don't accept polygamist for who they are?
well i am sorry if thats the immpression you get from me. one thing you learn to do i think when you are gay is to accept people for who they are, because you suffer enough and know what it feels like to be a minority. and you know what it is like for people to not accept you and let me tell you it not a nice feeling at all, to be honest i wouldnt put let my worst enemy feel the pain it is to not be accepted for who you are.

i just dont accept polygamy because, i am going to get logical here, with marraige you give all your love to another person, would you agree? or that is how it is supposed to be i think. now when you have say three people in a relationship you can not give your whole love to both people you have to spilt it. now i feel in marriage you should give your whole unconditional love to the other person and that is just not possible with plolygamy.

Originally Posted by cmpcmp
Why should i as a heterosexual fight for anything but my own rights?
i wouldnt expect you to, but it would be nice seeing as you enjoy full rights as a hetrosexual and maybe would be nice to help people who do not have the privileage of the same rights of you even though if you passed me on the street i would be no different to you and you wouldnt look at me twice, simply because i am the same as anyone else you pass, but yet i do not have the same rights purely because of sexuality, of which i have no control.

Originally Posted by cmpcmp
"the meaning of marraige becomes dilluted."
and how does that happen with same sex unions. its the same as hetrosexual unions love is shared and all that jazz, unless you believe that homosexuals are second class citizens and shouldn't enjoy the privileage of being able to marry? is it too good for us?

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