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Default Re: How Modest, is too Modest?

Just know that you have every right to be as modest as you are. Everyone is different and ther is nothing wrong with you. I am exactly the same way.

As far as gynocologists and other doctors go, first, you can say "NO" to these violating exams! You don't have to do anything, especially go to the gynocologist or have any exam between your legs. If you are having symptoms between your legs then, fine go, otherwise don't if you're not comfortable.

I would suggest you go to the blog below. Grown up women are posting their experiences and some of the posts have links to good articles with a lot of good information/facts. Educating yourself will empower you to have control over your own body.

read the blog and tell your girl friends about the blog...FYI - You are way too young to be having these exams anyway...even 21 is too young. Not only are you too young but cervical cancer is very rare (only 1% of very sexually active women will get it). Virgins can not get it since it is a sexually transmitted virus and the rest have less than 1% chance of getting it. Papsmears are also unreliable because they produce a lot of false positive
results which then leads to tests where they take a piece of your cervix out, causing women physical damage and emotional trauma.

Do NOT be talked into (which is a form of force) having genital exams as part of your annual physical, pap smears, or pelvic exams if you are not sexually active, or not having symptoms down there, or are not comfortable having someone remove your underwear, spreading your legs open, and having fingers and metal instruments shoved up your vagina and rectum.

Doctors are not will not get struck down by lightning if you say "NO" to these exams. It's your body, not the doctor's or
nurse's body so the fact "they see it all the time" means sh!t. Their point of view means nothing! You can say "NO' to the doctor or nurse when it comes to genital exams, pap smears, and pelvic exams (even as a kid).

Girls in our country are brainwashed into thinking that having these violating and humiliating exams is part of being female and you'll just have to live with it, but that is a lie. Many women do not have these exams because they are not sick in that part of their body and because the exams are so violating. If they do have a problem down there, then they go to the doctor.

I pretty much told any doctors I have seen to F'off...that I do not allow doctors to examine my privates. I don't allow them to remove
my underwear, actually I refuse to undress below shorts since the only reason they would want me down to my underwear is easier access
to my private parts which I won't allow...period! My a'hole doctor actually lied to me saying that I wouldn't be allowed in high school
without a genital exam. So I told him "I guess I won't be going to high school then!". Well, guess what, I'm in high school without the
exam, though I was perfectly ready not to go to high school if it came to that because I refuse to be forced into that kind of exam.
So Expect that doctors will try to scare or bully you into these exams, but know that they won't and can't force you into these type
of exams.

Question the system and fight back for your bodily rights!
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