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Unhappy Re: Goin on a fast.....well..trying..

well im gonna make sure i take vitamins and stuff, my moms big on that..but ive talked to him about alot of things, just not that, hes never accually SAID it but i kno how he feels...n i understand, one meal a day is fine for me i guess, and its not like id shribble up into nothing..(as my mom has said in the past) so im gonna try that, ive been REALLY busy so i havent put much rhought to my eating patterns, but they start immediatly tomorrw ill prolly end up eating just dinner, every day cuz i dont really get hungry till like 4 or 5, not to bad.
but thanx for the help, i understand what ur trying to say but , i guess ill just have to learn the hard way..


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