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Default Re: Come here. J/k Should we Keep TCS?

Originally Posted by Chrono
No there is no need for it. We already have TWPR, if we make the coffee shop, then TWPR is going to die out. TWPR is our general forum.
Agreed. Majority of the recent threads made that are in TWPR really do belong in the coffee shop. "Lynne says hi," "Where is James?," or even the photo album isnt venting. If it's going to just be venting then it should be just venting. Not just half of what it was before.

I'm not saying that the WPR is just for venting, but people argue that it is for venting but really majority of the threads that remain and still are created arent venting.

I would prefer it to go back to the way it was before, but at the very least make the transition and follow through.

I hope I made sense.

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