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Default Re: same sex unions, perspective

My name is christopher

with same sex marraiges it is confined to two people. now if we allow polygamy where does it end, where are the boundries? like i could decide i want to marry everyone on my road. or maybe my county, or maybe my country. it become mad. maybe we could have one big world marraige. then the whole fundamental ideas of marraige are lost,
I completely agree, and thats why i would probly shunn any one who would become a polygamist, But just be case you and me both don't like what some one is doing doesn't mean that they shouldn't be able to do it.

(in my next statment Im assuming that you aren't a nazi)
since we (I hope) both appose nazis, there beliefs and what not. We both know that mostly only bad will come out of an organized group of neonazis.
-So the question is, can we make it so that Nazis aren't alowed to run for office? aren't allowed to get tax exemptions from the government as a non profit organization?

If you decide that you must stop one then whats to stop some one from stoping all of the others?

the beauty of living in a free country USA or Ireland is that I can be a nazi you can be a comunist and we should get all of the same protections under that law as long as we don't do anything that hurts some one or breaks a law.

If Every body decided that it would be a good idea to outlaw islam becuase in its radical form it supports killing innocents, that would be a travesty. Just because you don't like something or think that it is moraly wrong doesn't give you that right to shut it down, unless they hurt some on or broke a law of some kind.

While you and i both oppose the idea and beliefs or what ever i s associated with polygamy, as long as they keep to them selves, dont hurt/kill/rob and one or anythign like that I think it is against the way of a democratic government to deny someone something souly becasue they dont agree with it.

(Il use the US as an example since i am more firmiliar with my countries legal system) Imagine if The entire house of representatives and congress and supreme court and the president was Republican, if they all thought that being liberal was Imoral and wrong
-because its that way that they were raised
-thats what they believe
-and thats what they learned from reading the bible

Would you be opposed to them banning liberals from ever running for office if you were hard core concervative? TO do anythign that limits some ones actions souly because you don;t like it is wrong. They have to hurt some one ir break a law first.

The beauty of this system is also that Me, you, your mom, my grandma, they can all believe what ever they want and tell who ever they want about it. BUT I can oppose any one I want and i can tell them that to, I can peacably assemble agaist them, as can they. To deny them that I think is wrong.
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