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Default Re: What would it be like...

Donnie seriously if that owl shit was about austin that was just fucking stupid, mind your own buisness you sure act like you want an admin job all the time..

Austin i hope you know that suicide is fucking stupid. I like you and you were the first person i started talking to here at vt, think about your family and anyone who has ever cared about you their lives will all be ruined selfishly because your hurt and depressed. Live for everyone around you if not for yourself.

the fact that you havnt killed yourself yet means you still want to live. so im just trying to put things into perspective for you.

im sorry if you dont like me or disrespect me after reading this post, just know that i want you to be happy.

pm me any time you want to talk, i can also give you my msn to if you would like.


May the wind always be at your back
and the sun upon your face,
and the winds of destiny carry you aloft
to dance with the stars...
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