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Default Re: same sex unions, perspective

i dont usually swear in arguements but i have had a very shitty day in relation to a family member and my sexuality. so i wasn't in the best of moods when i wrote that.

Originally Posted by cmpcmp
IF you want to talk #'s don't start swearing when I try to Put ur #'s in perspective compared to other #'s.
now the reason i got a bit touchy here is because you began to undermine my sources. now the CSO website mite have it there i dont know, but that is beside the point. i think in hindsight prob a bad idea trying to bring numbers into this debate considering that looking at the whole arguement they really are irrelavent.

Originally Posted by cmpcmp
-samaesex unions should be a possibility
- polygamist unions shouldn't be

This doesn't make sence to me, plz write a clear reasoning why this should be this way.
with same sex marraiges it is confined to two people. now if we allow polygamy where does it end, where are the boundries? like i could decide i want to marry everyone on my road. or maybe my county, or maybe my country. it become mad. maybe we could have one big world marraige. then the whole fundamental ideas of marraige are lost, sure if we were to allow polygamy why should we stop the man who wants to marry his horse?

my point is with polygamy, i.e. the more people we have involved in it the meaning of marraige becomes dilluted.

may i ask your name i like to be able to refer to people by name, rather than username.

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