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Default Re: Israel the Burden?!

Originally Posted by R_master
ok Israel is deffinatly nobodys burden, im a jew also canadian so i couldnt give a fuck less about how america is suffering from this.

they gave up the Gaza strip out of the sake of peace but the Hizbullah are still kidnapping israelis.

Lebonon can just learn not to fuck with Israel because they are a shit hole 3rd world uncivilized country.

dont think its just Israel's fault they get bombed constantly from all of these middle eastern islamic terrorist groups. They cant just sit back and take that shit.

edit- at least Israel is attacking stratigic targets, The same cant be said for who evers launching rockets into Israel from the Lebannon side. it's Lebanon's job to disarm Hezbollah, and they have failed miserably. now its time to finish the mess. and im quite sure the soldiers held hostage are all dead now.

pretty selfish
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