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Default Re: same sex unions, perspective

When I started this thread I had intended in not to turn into swearing and curisng. If you read the title of the thread it's about PERSPECTIVE so as i thought the closest "issue" to "samesex unions" that i could think of was "poygamist unions" please note that i dont believe "Hetersexual unions" are on trial here so don't try and say that samesex should be compared to herosexual unions. Thay can but that wasn't the point of this thread.

-ok thats great that you don't give a &^(*% ^*%*^% about the #'s of it all, but you brought the numbers in to this argumnet earlier, not me.

-I tried to find that # from the Central Statistics Office of Ireland but that web site its, while confusing to say the least. I would like to exclude percent of people from this argument as i dont thik it has impact on the issue at hand. IF you want to talk #'s don't start swearing when I try to Put ur #'s in perspective compared to other #'s. Also Im sorry i searched and only found 10% according to the kinsey research, maybe I didn't see the #'s from Ireland If I miss qouted you I am sorry. Can you give me a link to specificly where that # is, i would apreciate it.

-The "how I was raised" had nothing to do with being born attracted to anything, I was trying to refer to your position on Polygamy.

-The question I want awnsered is, why can you justify not wanting polygamist unions by saying it is how you were raised, You don't think that is a legitament argument against samesex unions.

-All that I want is a clear awnser form pro samesex union but anti polygamist union ppl of why they oppose polygamist unions

-samaesex unions should be a possibility
- polygamist unions shouldn't be

This doesn't make sence to me, plz write a clear reasoning why this should be this way.

Diego The point: If you are living in a free country, why not be able to marry as many people of whatever gender you want?? How will it hurt you?? think about that before you say your against it.
Diego I think understands my point
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