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I think that you hit the nail on the head, Swiss crime/murder/burglary is very low and has alot of guns, Is this because they have guns and guns deter the crime, while maybe criminals are scared of being shot, thats part of it. but the real reason is that swiss culture is against crime. As with Japan, no guns at all, vert low crime rate. I would argue (after considerable research) that it is because
-the family structure is held very closly in japan
-police personaly know the ppl in the area they are incharge of,
-police can walk into houses w/o warents and such
A side effect of this closly knit structure where criminals can't last and are very rare, is suicide. Ppl's familys is japan expect success and if some one is in a family that has been samed they will often comit suicide as an acceptable way to save face.
-The same is true for the suicide rate of switserland, it is also about the same as japan.

This point can clearly be shown by large cities vs. small towns

Washington D.C. is one of the most densly populated, poor, and under educated area, in america. All of the statistics will point to that. But they have the strictest gun control laws in america, along with the highest murder rate in america.
from (a site that provides only statistics and no opinions you should check it out, not only crime, education, food, ect...)
-(maryland is the state, DC is a district in the state that has special status as it is the capital of the USA, so it is treated similar ot a state)
#1 District of Columbia 3.597 per 10,000 murder rate
#2 Louisiana 1.269 per 10,000 people
#3 Maryland 0.93 per 10,000 people
#4 New Mexico 0.876 per 10,000 people
#5 Mississippi 0.777 per 10,000 people

The brady campaign is the largest and most influential american gun legislation to have taken place in recent years (they banned asualt weapons wgich didn't affect crime) and it ran out in 2004 and no crime spike.

-DC has banned all handgun ownership and form the brady campaign web site has gotten an A- in gun laws.
(dc isn't on the web site though it is an option on the scroll menu it says it isn't in the data base so I will use maylands #'s (the state DC is in) for it (maryland is #2 nationaly behind DC))
-louisiana has very lax gunlaws and got an "F" according to the brady campaign web site
-new mexico also has lax gun laws and got an "F"
-mississippi also got an "F"

This would look about even if you were to take into account that DC is 3.9 and the closest state to that is louisiana with 1.26, thats less than half.

now lets check out the bottom of the spectrum
#40 Rhode Island 0.242 per 10,000 people murders
#41 South Dakota 0.232 per 10,000 people
#42 Nebraska 0.227 per 10,000 people
#43 Minnesota 0.22 per 10,000 people
#44 Wyoming 0.216 per 10,000 people
#45 Idaho 0.21 per 10,000 people
#46 Delaware 0.202 per 10,000 people
#47 Utah 0.186 per 10,000 people
#48 Iowa 0.155 per 10,000 people
#49 North Dakota 0.141 per 10,000 people
#50 New Hampshire 0.137 per 10,000 people
#51 Maine 0.136 per 10,000 people
(il go by # to identify state and letter grade for the brady rating "A+" =most gun laws "F" = least)
#41 D
#42 D
#43 C-
#44 F
#45 F+
#46 C
#47 D-
#48 C+
#49 D
#50 D-

I see no consistent data at all of gun laws to murder rate.Do you

How about this though this is from and is the "Best education index"
remember our friends from the top of the crime stats? while most of them happen to be on the bottom of the education stats also
#45 Louisiana -11.56
#46 California -12.57
#47 Nevada -13.11
#48 New Mexico -13.37
#49 Mississippi -14.31
#50 Arizona -17.81
From all of the information I have seen I haven't been able to make a good conection between murder rate and gun controll. BUT there is a strong connection between culture and murder. Things like education and poverty have alot to do with it.
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